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Tip of the Week: Don't Let Them Quit!

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Don't Let Them Quit

Often times when a teen quits it isn't because they are unhappy with their job. It's due to the fact that life priorities have taken precedence. School work, extra curricular activities or family commitments take priority.  Those are larger issues than what is generally an entry-level, seasonal or part-time job. 


Set up an "on-call" category of employees.  These can be employees who you don't want to lose, but for the reasons mentioned above they can't work. By being on-call, they would never be scheduled or expected to check a schedule.  But when you have a short term or emergency need, they are available to call, providing you with no loss of productivity.

Communicate with your on-call group as if they were regularly scheduled employees.  Keep the connection.  Attach criteria to how often they need to work or some way for them to demonstrate an ongoing interest. When their situations change, you will be the obvious choice for their job commitment.


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