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Tip of the Week: Set Goals and Empower


Set Goals and Empower

Empowering teens with more responsibility and goal setting may seem counter-intuitive for many. I often hear employers commenting on how irresponsible teens are and how they can't handle even the basic responsibility and workplace tasks they've been given.

Today's teens are the most knowledgeable ever. Not only have they been exposed to more information than ever before, but they also have been hard-wired to know how to instantly access relevant facts, data and ideas.

Turn them loose and make them part of the solution. When teens are micro-managed and not able to function in a way that is natural for them, they'll disconnect from your expectations.

If you have a challenge you can't solve, get your teenage staff involved in the process.  Give them the background they need, limits to function within, and a vision of what a successful outcome looks like.  Let them come back to you with their solutions.  You have nothing to lose and will be amazed at the outside of the box approaches you will receive.

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