WAVES Customized Consulting

If you want to quick start your improvements in Motivating, Hiring, Recruiting, Educating, and Retaining your teenage staff... then call us today (877) 332-3123, and put us to work for you. WAVES Consulting will assess your current programs, processes and results, and provide you with specific steps to make immediate improvements for training a teen and young adult workforce.


“The employees we hired this year were the best EVER, thanks to WAVES for Success consulting. Our employee turnover decreased, employee satisfaction increased, resulting in the best year I've had managing. I wish we would have hired you years ago. THANK YOU WAVES!”


Kevin Kauffman

Adventure Park USA


Program 1: Current Program Review and Tune Up


3 Easy Steps

  1. You complete our questionnaire and survey of your current programs.
  2. Educate us on your efforts by sending copies of current policies and handbooks, recruiting materials and application, employee communications, incentive programs and other motivational techniques that are being utilized.
  3. Conduct a phone interview to obtain clarifications and ask additional questions.

Within two weeks, we will provide a review of your materials and programs, as well as deliver specific steps you can take that will yield immediate positive results.   You will also receive copies of our WAVES for Teenage Workforce Success Book.


Program 2: On Site Review and Coaching of Managers


Through our On-Site Review & Coaching we will get a first hand look at your recruitment and retention programs. We will also have the opportunity to meet in person with your managers and any others that influence your workforce. We'll even talk to your teenage staff if you'd like. Sometimes the message is simply delivered better in person... and by someone other than the business owner/managers. Includes:

  • The Three Easy Steps of our Current Program Review & Tune Up.
  • Plus:
  • Personal visit to business by senior member of our team.
  • Meet with and coach management/supervisory staff.
  • Able to interview select members current teenage staff.
  • Ongoing Coaching for up to one year.

Provided with multiple copies of our WAVES for Teenage Workforce Success Book.


Program 3: Customized Webinars


Ben & Jerry's Customized Webinar


  • Tremendous value for Managers & Supervisors.
  • Exclusive to your company.
  • Research to be done to understand your current successes and challenges, priorities and procedures.
  • Includes session workbook, and a WAVES for Teenage Workforce Success Book for each registered participant.
  • Ability to ask questions and to stimulate ongoing communication & discussion.
  • Follow-up Questions.

Interested in learning more? Call or contact us today! (877) 332-3123

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