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Articles (Over 50 years, Whiting’s Foods (DBA WAVES) continues to evolve)
(Learn Management Principles that Inspire, Produce, and Motivate Today’s Teens)
(Discover 8 ways to Recruit and Retain this Generation)
(Tips from Ken Whiting, a business owner who has employed teens for 30 years)
(Learn how to Boost Productivity and Your Bottom Line)
(8 Ways to Hire the Best of Today's Teens)
WAVES Original Content Samples (includes hundreds of ideas annually designed to improve your recruiting, retention, and the quality of your teenage employees)
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Ken Whiting and WAVES for Success have direct experience hiring, recruiting, educating, managing, and motivating thousands of teens and young adults. We have taught the WAVES approach to hundreds of managers who have put that knowledge to work successfully turning problem workforces into productive, motivated, customer pleasing teams. To help in your efforts and provide a better understanding of WAVES we have provided a number of free workforce articles, management tools, and a copy of our current WAVES News workforce newsletter.

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