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WAVES Training sessions are very informative, stimulating, and well presented. Ken Whiting is an upbeat individual who communicates effectively in a positive and inspirational manner. It's been noted that attendees leave Kens sessions feeling a sense of achievement, knowing the new information will help them face the challenges and opportunities at hand.


The downloads below provide additional insight regarding the WAVES training approach and supply the necessary documentation for booking Ken. Please contact us if you need additional information that is not listed below.

Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration. We’d look forward to being a part of, and adding value to your next event.


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CCI- CCI's Work & Travel program allows international university students the ability to work in the United States on a J-1 Work and Travel visa during their main break from school. This free program is designed to enable American employers the opportunity to expose their business to an international perspective, while offering students from abroad an inside experience on American working life. All of the international students on our program are evaluated for their English skills. International university students have longer breaks than U.S. students, allowing participants to work longer. By staggering staff arrival and departure dates, employers can ensure full-season coverage. All students are legally entitled to work legally in the US and obtain a Social Security number.



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