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I'd look forward to being a part of your next event. You invest a lot of time and money into making sure your meeting or conference is a success. I get that. We'll provide expertise, value and flexibility on our presentation designed specifically for you.

You'll have the confidence of an experienced presenter delivering a content rich presentation. I've not only studied the industry for best practices and success stories... I'm an employer, hiring hundreds of teens a year. Your attendees are sure to leave with practical information that can be immediately put to use.

WAVES presentations

How to Recruit, Educate, Motivate, Hire and Retain Today's Teens and Young Adults.
  Learn Proven Strategies to Decrease Employee Turnover
  Improve Customer Service
   Grow Sales & Profits
  Provide Recruiting Strategies
  Develop Retention Programs
  Inspire Management Motivation

How to Communicate for Success with Today's Teens and Young Adults.
   Who are Today's Teens?
   Types of Communication
   Top 10 Uses of Digital Communications
   Case Study: One Company's Success
   Cost and Benefits of Technology

How to Develop Superstar Supervisors from Today's Teens and Young Adults.
    8 Principles that will inspire a new supervisor towards success
    4 Simple Steps you can take to lead
    7 Success Tips for your teen supervisors to follow
    Develop Young Leaders and create an environment for growth & retention
    Insure that company goals, priorities and standards are exceeded
    How to make the transition to supervisor and deal with peer pressure

How to HIRE and RETAIN the Best of Today's Teens and Young Adults.
   Application Assessment
   Interviewing Process
   Orientation & Training
   Retention Strategies
   Improve Labor Cost
   Grow Sales & Profit
Motivating Without Money: Budget-Friendly Ideas for FEC's and Supervisors
•  Who Is Today's Young Workforce?
  How Are They Motivated?
  The Budget-Friendly Ideas!
  7 C's for Prizes and Incentives
  The Platinum Rule

Recent Workforce Enhancement Speaking Engagements

  • Monthly Webinars
  • Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc
  • The Corn Maize
  • Roller Skating Association
  • Lagoon Amusement Park
  • Tri-State Camp Conference
  • International Pizza Expo
  • World Water Park Association
  • Fun Expo
  • World Water Park Association 
  • Dippin' Dots Annual Franchise Meeting
  • US Indoor Soccer Association 
  • Fun Academy
  • Western Food service & Hospitality Expo
  • Hot Dog on a Stick, Southern California
  • Hoosier Hospitality Conference
  • Hot Dog on a Stick, Northern California

Testimonials from Employers and Managers of Teen Staff

"Ken's hands-on operational background comes through when he talks. No theory here... he's lived it. When our customers want to improve their operations through improved performance of their teen staff, I'd recommend Ken.... And I highly recommend him to you."

Dan Fachner, President, ICEE Company

"Nobody knows more about the teenage workforce than Ken Whiting. Our attendees gave him top marks for his perceptive insight into this key group of employees. Top class information from a top class presenter. You won't leave one of his seminars without several ideas for improving your team."

Eamon Connor, Senior Education Program Manager, IAAPA

"WAVES for Teenage Workforce Success seminar was a great success. Ken's creative content, energy and enthusiasm inspired our managers and supervisors to take a fresh look at how we should motivate our teenage staff. Ken's approach works... and we are now on our way to exceeding our customer service priorities."

Charles Canfield, President, Santa Cruz Seaside Company, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

"Our Chamber has been pleased and proud to have Ken as our community spokesperson and benefited greatly from his willingness to accept that role. Our community looks to Ken for leadership. He is an active and effective advocate for our youth and has put countless time and energy into securing resources to support their activities and to ensure they have access to vital training."

Greg Carter, Executive Director, Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce

"Rotary's motto is 'Service Above Self' and Ken is a great example of this. Whether it's meeting the needs of his audience or the community, he delivers every time. His talks are laced with enthusiasm, expertise, personal knowledge and firsthand experience on his topics. You can be guaranteed of a positive impact by using Ken Whiting."

Ron Sekkell, District Governor, Rotary International

"Without you, our event wouldn't have been as successful as it is. Your program was fascinating and important to the delegates."

Stephanie Azores, Program Manager, Western Fairs Association

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